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SHGs – Empowering Women Financially and Socially

Every year the Government of Maharashtra holds a prestigious ceremony to encourage rural women who have succeeded in developing successful, life-changing programs in their communities. For the eighth year in a row, Self Help Groups(SHGs) monitored and supported by PRASAD Chikitsa have won recognition for their achievements. REAPING THEIR REWARD Eight [...]

SHGs – Empowering Women Financially and Socially2019-06-21T11:52:50+10:00


Indian farmers increasingly find themselves in a vicious cycle of debt as a result of high production costs, high interest rates, volatile market prices for crops and the rising costs of fuel and commercial seeds.  Under such conditions, providing PRASAD Chikitsa staff with up-to-date and relevant information is essential to breaking the poverty [...]



Apart from their visual impact and shade-giving qualities, trees can provide support to the water table, maintain the soil, help clean the air, provide homes for many animals, birds and insects, as well as produce food for consumption. PRASAD Chikitsa’s Agricultural and Community Awareness Departments have raised the awareness of the value of [...]

TREES ARE MAGNIFICENT!2018-12-12T22:00:54+10:00

PRECIOUS VISION – Eye camps in the Tansa Valley

Imagine gradually losing your vision and then discovering that it could be restored with surgery and a short hospital stay, providing a chance for you to again lead a full life. This miracle is happening now in the Tansa Valley, thanks to the work of PRASAD Chikitsa. Restoration of eyesight has been high on [...]

PRECIOUS VISION – Eye camps in the Tansa Valley2017-05-21T17:28:57+10:00

Harvesting Rain

Thank you to all our friends for your support this financial year. PRASAD in India has had many successes since the mobile hospital began its work in Baba’s time. People in the Tansa Valley came to trust that the bus would arrive, rain, hail or shine. Today, most health services are delivered from the PRASAD [...]

Harvesting Rain2016-11-29T13:15:52+10:00

Teenagers in the Tansa Valley

Informed adolescents — adults with choices About 40% of girls in rural Maharashtra still marry before the legal age of 18 (46% in 2008; boys 2%). The numbers are declining slowly, but are still twice as high as in urban areas. These young women are more likely to be uninformed about sex and contraception, [...]

Teenagers in the Tansa Valley2016-11-03T15:20:28+10:00

Video: Health Care Services

Dear Friend of PRASAD This 3 minute video shows how PRASAD’s medical services make a vital difference to the tribal people of India’s Tansa Valley. More on our medical and community health programs can be viewed HERE It is the generosity of supporters like you that makes all this possible. Thank you! And [...]

Video: Health Care Services2018-12-12T22:10:28+10:00