Everywhere you turn, Covid-19 is the main topic of conversation, and reporting, around the world because of its dire consequences.

The Board of PRASAD Australia has met to discuss our direction and decided to concentrate our focus and efforts on supporting the people of the Tansa Valley.

As you are aware, they do not have the medical and economic support they need to manage the consequences of the virus.  They are also in a remote, poorly serviced area with little access to support.  PRASAD Chikitsa is working very hard to alleviate issues but it is an enormous task.

We believe, if the pandemic spreads through the Tansa valley, as it has in other hard-hit parts of the world, PRASAD Chikitsa will need our help more than ever both during and after the epidemic.  Therefore, we are creating a separate funding point for donations that are specifically dedicated to the work of PRASAD Chikitsa with Covid-19.

The testing for Covid-19 can only be done at the government clinics but, even so, the Anukampa Health Centre out-patient department is open for six half-days a week.  This, despite the Centre’s smaller number of staff available due to travel restrictions.


A Self-Help Group member making masks. A homeless man receives a protective mask

SHG women are sewing eighty face masks per day, with materials supplied by PRASAD Chikitsa, which are then sanitised and have been given to the homeless in Ganeshpuri so far.  There is a huge need for not only masks but other personal protective equipment.

PRASAD Chikitsa is also providing food parcels to families. By using wholesalers, the cost is approximately $12 per family. The parcel will feed a family of 5-6 members for a fortnight. The groceries will be distributed to 500 families in the first week and another group of 500 families in the second week. This rotation will be repeated over a six-week period.  The groceries have to be sorted and packed before they can be distributed to often very isolated hamlets.

This is just the beginning.  The needs are very great.

If you feel you could offer a donation to help the amazing people of the Tansa Valley in these very difficult times, please make your donation to COVID-19 Donations and it will be used solely for this purpose.

In gratitude,

The Board of PRASAD Australia.

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