Thank you to all our friends for your support this financial year.

PRASAD in India has had many successes since the mobile hospital began its work in Baba’s time. People in the Tansa Valley came to trust that the bus would arrive, rain, hail or shine. Today, most health services are delivered from the PRASAD Chikitsa hospital in Ganeshpuri and the children and grandchildren of those who relied on the bus now rely on the hospital.

Nandani Farmer Ravindra Gaikar’s well excavation to provide irrigation during non-monsoon season. $150 for a dam or well could enable another farm to produce all year round.

Nandani Farmer Ravindra Gaikar’s new well to provide irrigation during the non-monsoon season.

An area that still needs focus and innovative thinking is the economic health of farmers, and specifically their access to water. Much of the soil in the valley will grow vegetables, fruit, nuts and rice the whole year round, if only there is water.

If water storage solutions are found, then farmers could grow a second rice or other crop. That would make them less likely to sell off their topsoil to illegal brick factories, or to have to leave their families to seek day labour work in the cities.

So in addition to your very welcome end-of-financial-year financial contribution, if you happen to know about water storage in dry zones, including via aquifer storage reservoirs, please do get in touch so I can forward that information to PRASAD Chikitsa.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Conley
PRASAD® Australia

How You Can Help

$24    subsidizes 2 water filters

$50    establishes a fruit orchard

$150  for a well / dam for irrigation

$400  trains 25 farmers over one year

Remember all donations over $2 are tax deductible.