Indian farmers increasingly find themselves in a vicious cycle of debt as a result of high production costs, high interest rates, volatile market prices for crops and the rising costs of fuel and commercial seeds.  Under such conditions, providing PRASAD Chikitsa staff with up-to-date and relevant information is essential to breaking the poverty cycle.  PRASAD Chikitsa teaches farmers to work more efficiently and helps women’s groups start kitchen gardens that will bring extra income and food to the family.


ag training workshopZero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF)

In September, PRASAD Chikitsa representatives attended a week-long workshop by Subhash Palekar, an agriculturist who has practiced and written many books about Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF), a positive approach to ending a reliance on loans and drastically cutting production costs.

SwmGovernment Agricultural Institute – Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK)

PRASAD Chikitsa staff attended KVK, a government-run research and training Institute, which offers courses such as agronomy, agriculture extension, horticulture, livestock production and home science.  The visit generated opportunities for partnerships and joint training in the Tansa Valley, enhancing production and cost-effectiveness.

rainwater harvestingRainwater Harvesting And Soil Conservation  – Vanvadi

The importance of soil enrichment, water conservation and the conservation of forests was discussed, in addition to the advantages of using local seeds rather than costly commercial ones.

composting workshopComposting – Specialist Guest Mrs Priti

At PRASAD Chikitsa’s Gorad Farm, the staff attended a demonstration on compost preparation at zero cost for farmers using locally accessible organic material rather than costly chemical additives and fertilizers.  Soil rich in organic matter retains moisture for a long period after the monsoon season, reducing the need for costly irrigation.

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– Hard Waste Management

solid waste mgtA Pilot Project – Ganeshpuri, Vajreshwari and Akoli

In April, PRASAD Chikitsa held a workshop on waste management, which included the harmful effects of waste landfills that pollute land, air and water and create health issues. Later, in a cleanliness drive at Ganeshpuri, the SHG (Self Help Group) enthusiastically accepted the ‘zero waste’ concept.  They separated garbage and recyclables, created compost and built hoardings to dissuade dumping at three sites as the first steps to a clean environment.

career guidanceCareer Guidance Program

PRASAD Chikitsa’s program creates awareness among students of future job opportunities and different vocational courses available in nearby institutions.  At the stall run by PRASAD Chikitsa, staff introduced its initiative ‘Solid Waste Management’.


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  • $28      Provide seeds to start a kitchen garden for one family
  • $70      Sponsor an awareness meeting for 30 farmers on organic farming
  • $100    Provide one farm well for rain water harvesting
  • $112    Pay for the training of a SHG for one year
  • $140    Support the cultivation of indigenous rice for five farmers
  • $155    Provide training for 50 farmers for one quarter

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