PRASAD’s approach is a holistic one.

We provide urgently needed care to people, while helping them build healthy communities.

We help people to achieve lives of self-reliance and dignity by offering programs of health, education and sustainable community development in the Tansa Valley, India. The goal of each PRASAD initiative is to help people to help themselves, their community and their environment. We support programs that implement long-term solutions to challenges that may have plagued them for generations.

PRASAD Chikitsa carries out life-saving work, and its RCH team’s reputation for delivering effective and compassionate care has led to a growing demand for their services. The team’s approach is empathetic, loving and respectful. It focuses on restoring the physical health of the clients, and also their dignity, hope and independence. The RCH also provides community education and training to local health workers and midwives to dispel misconceptions and myths about AIDS.

“Because of the success of the education programs, infected parents are less ostracized and are even able to run businesses. They are able to get back on their feet and keep their families going,” says Suni Sanchez, a supporter who filmed the PRASAD Chikitsa RCH team at work.