Building Toilets – Changing Lives

It doesn’t get more basic - but in India’s Tansa Valley this is news. Villagers lining a toilet soak pit Unsafe water, poor sanitation and lack of hygiene are still common causes of illness and death. Many of these diseases are preventable. ‘Bang for development buck’ investing in water and sanitation is [...]

Building Toilets – Changing Lives2016-11-03T15:20:28+10:00

Organic Farming – Because it Works

Prasad Australia Summer 2014 Newsletter Going GREEN   Organic farming in the Tansa Valley - because it works In This Issue: How PRASAD helps farmers   more... Sunita: Women farm too   more... Supporter Scott Fry, Loving Earth   more... Yoga Moon: Bending over backwards to help  more... What difference your $30 can make  more... Meet [...]

Organic Farming – Because it Works2016-11-03T15:20:28+10:00

Empowering Women – through Self-Help Groups

Prasad Australia Winter 2014 Newsletter “We can understand after we stand on our own feet, how beautiful our life really is.” Since 2001, PRASAD Chikitsa has helped establish more than 300 Self-Help Groups throughout the Tansa Valley in India. More than 200 of these are women’s groups, of 10 to 20 members from a village. [...]

Empowering Women – through Self-Help Groups2016-11-03T15:20:28+10:00