CD_-Demo-program-Photo-no.1-e1342126579142“Welcome to my garden,” said the farmer to the worm. Some folks see a worm and say, “Eew!” Farmers who attended PRASAD’s training on Vermi (worm) Culture and Organic Composting know better. They might see a worm and think, “Hello, my good friend!”

In an amazing, self-sustaining process, farmers pile up paddy husks, dirt, leaves and other free waste. After mixing and aging the recipe, they add the worms. Within 60 days, the worms turn the waste into vermi-castings.

The farmer has a pile of clean nutrient-rich castings for his crops, and, he still has his worms, to start the process all over again! Multiply that six or seven times and it becomes a tremendous asset to the farmer, at a minimal cost.

A ‘Repellent’ Idea!

PRASAD also showed farmers how to keep pests away with a recipe for a natural pesticide. If eight pounds of garlic aren’t enough to repel the bugs, the chili peppers should do the job!

It’s all in the pits!

There is more to farming than digging a hole and plunking a tree into it. In this demonstration, farmers in PRASAD’s Orchard Project learned to enrich the pits with layers of leaves, compost and other organic material to give each young tree the best possible start.

With these methods, there is no run-off of harmful toxins, nothing to poison the earth or animals, no expensive start- up outlay and just a few on-going costs.

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