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PRASAD Australia Winter Newsletter 2019

SHGs – Empowering Women Financially and Socially

reaping thier reward

Every year the Government of Maharashtra holds a prestigious ceremony to encourage rural women who have succeeded in developing successful, life-changing programs in their communities. For the eighth year in a row, Self Help Groups(SHGs) monitored and supported by PRASAD Chikitsa have won recognition for their achievements.

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PRASAD Australia Summer Newsletter 2018


ag training workshopIndian farmers increasingly find themselves in a vicious cycle of debt as a result of high production costs, high interest rates, volatile market prices for crops and the rising costs of fuel and commercial seeds.  Under such conditions, providing PRASAD Chikitsa staff with up-to-date and relevant information is essential to breaking the poverty cycle.  PRASAD Chikitsa teaches farmers to work more efficiently and helps women’s groups start kitchen gardens that will bring extra income and food to the family.

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PRASAD Australia Winter Newsletter 2017


School tree plantingApart from their visual impact and shade-giving qualities, trees can provide support to the water table, maintain the soil, help clean the air, provide homes for many animals, birds and insects, as well as produce food for consumption. PRASAD Chikitsa’s Agricultural and Community Awareness Departments have raised the awareness of the value of trees in several ways.

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PRASAD Australia Summer Newsletter 2017


Upward growth in nutrition programIn India, 50% of children under the age of five are underweight or malnourished.

Malnutrition increases India’s high child mortality rate; those who survive need special care. Their overall health is poor and they struggle at school attaining lower levels of education. Later on in life, they have difficulty procuring a livelihood or, if they do, one that provides a poorer earning power.

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PRASAD Australia Winter Newsletter 2017

HEALTHY BABIES – Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual health talksIn rural areas such as the Tansa Valley, women often have very poor knowledge of menstrual hygiene and health treatments for Reproductive Tract Infections (RTIs). RTIs can lead to serious issues, including infertility and menstrual problems. Pregnant mothers may also pass these infections to their babies, contributing to a rise in mortality in these rural areas.
Education is the key to healthy babies and healthy women of reproductive age (12 – 45 years).  Since 2002, PRASAD Chikitsa’s Reproductive and Child Health Centre has provided support for women to make positive decisions about their health and their pregnancies.

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PRASAD Australia Summer Newsletter 2016

Precious Vision – Eye Camps in the Tansa Valley

cataract surgery changes livesImagine gradually losing your vision and then discovering that it could be restored with surgery and a short hospital stay, providing a chance for you to again lead a full life.

This miracle is happening now in the Tansa Valley, thanks to the work of PRASAD Chikitsa.

Cataracts are a major cause of avoidable blindness in developing countries, and cataract surgery is one of the most cost-effective health interventions available.

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Harvesting Rain

Nandani Farmer Ravindra Gaikar’s well excavation to provide irrigation during non-monsoon season. $150 for a dam or well could enable another farm to produce all year round. PRASAD in India has had many successes, however an area that still needs focus and innovative thinking is the economic health of farmers, and specifically their access to water. Much of the soil in the valley will grow vegetables, fruit, nuts and rice the whole year round, if only there is water.

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PRASAD Australia Winter 2016 Newsletter

Informed adolescents — adults with choices

underage marriage is still prevalentAbout 40% of girls in rural Maharashtra still marry before the legal age of 18 (46% in 2008; boys 2%).

The numbers are declining slowly, but are still twice as high as in urban areas. These young women are more likely to be uninformed about sex and contraception, have lower self-confidence, to make fewer decisions about their own lives, and to believe domestic violence is justified.
Informing this vulnerable population and removing taboos against seeking treatment is crucial. Adolescents of both sexes are key target groups for PRASAD’s preventive health care.

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PRASAD Australia Summer 2015 Newsletter


We all need it – but what if the only water you had caused diarrhoea and carried fatal diseases?
This is reality for many in India’s Tansa Valley.

Nearly 75% of all diseases in India are due to contaminated water. Diarrhoea kills many children every year. It causes weight loss and stunted growth, as well as vitamin deficiencies which cause malnutrition.  Malnourished children are more likely to get sick and be sick for longer; more likely to drop out of school, earn less and live in poverty.

The good news is that many waterborne diseases are preventable. Investing in clean water and sanitation offers excellent returns that can break this cycle.
With your help, PRASAD works with communities to improve sanitation and bring them water free from filth, bacteria and parasites that carry cholera, typhoid and jaundice, and cause diarrhoea.

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PRASAD Video – Health Care Services

This 3 minute video shows how PRASAD’s medical services make a vital difference to the tribal people of India’s Tansa Valley.

Gurudev Siddha Peeth Anakampaa Health Clinic Read More…

PRASAD Australia Winter 2015 Newsletter

Building Toilets – Changing Lives

It doesn’t get more basic – but in India’s Tansa Valley this is news.

sanitation 1 webUnsafe water, poor sanitation and lack of hygiene are still common causes of illness and death. Many of these diseases are preventable.

‘Bang for development buck’ investing in water and sanitation is high on the list. The World Health Organisation says each $1 invested could yield an economic return of between $3 and $34 and save up to $7.3 billion per year world wide.

Of the 1 billion people in the world who have no toilet, nearly 600 million are in India. It is impossible to keep faeces from crops, wells, food and children’s hands. Ingested bacteria and worms spread diseases, especially of the intestine. Diseases which in turn help to explain why rates of child malnourishment in India are not improving faster. Lack of toilets is also a safety issue for young women who have to leave their homes after dark.

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 PRASAD Australia Summer 2014 Newsletter

Going GREEN … Organic Farming in the Tansa Valley – Because it works

This 3 minute video shows how organic farming is changing the lives of families in the Tansa Valley.

Your donations empower farmers like Sandeep to create year-round sustainable livelihoods, live healthier lives and renourish the land.

  • How PRASAD helps farmers
  • Sunita: Women farm too
  • Supporter Scott Fry, Loving Earth
  • Yoga Moon: Bending over backwards to help
  • What difference your $30 can make
  • Meet your Board


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PRASAD Australia Winter 2014 Newsletter

Empowering Women …through Self-Help Groups

This 2 minute video shows how through your generous donations, PRASAD Chikitsa’s programs are empowering hundreds of women, their families and communities.

Since 2001, PRASAD Chikitsa has helped establish more than 300 Self-Help Groups throughout the Tansa Valley in India. More than 200 of these are women’s groups, of 10 to 20 members from a village.


PRASAD Australia Summer 2013 Newsletter

Did you know…?

Australia is the most generous country in the world.

Australia topped 168 countries in the World Giving Index for
2012 (Charities Aid Foundation UK on Gallup and UN research).  Donating to charity, volunteering time, and helping a stranger –  Australia averaged the highest score over the past five years.


PRASAD Australia Winter 2013 Newsletter

Dear PRASAD Australia Friends,
My March 2013 visit to PRASAD Chikitsa and the Tansa Valley was inspiring, primarily because I had the privilege of visiting with local women and men who are confidently and courageously taking their destiny into their own hands.

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PRASAD Australia Summer 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to our 2012 inaugural online newsletter. We are delighted to be able to offer fresh and interesting updates and stories in this format, going forward. In tandem with this transition, we are shortly to launch our own dedicated PRASAD Australia website!

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